Nature's Natural 6-Plus Hair Loss Recovery & Rebuild Creme Formula 2

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Hair is made up of 88% Proteins, which are chains of amino acids found in the hair. That is exactly why Chatto's 6-Plus Growth Hair Creme-Formula 2 was specially formulated to provide the essential nutrients that your hair needs.

Most causes of hair loss such as Alopecia, Balding, Thinning, and Breakage result from improper care of your hair. If you wear Pigtails, Cornrows, Tight Hair Rollers, Tight Braids, Micro-Braids, Dreadlocks, Perms, Relaxers, or constant Bleaching of the hair, etc can cause hair loss.

Other causes of hair loss can result from Pregnancy, Hormonal Changes, Medication, Stress, Crash Diet, High Blood Pressure, etc. Chatto's 6-Plus Growth Creme-Formula 2 helps stimulates hair follicles to open up the pores for better growth. That is why Chatto's 6-Plus Growth Creme-Formula 2 is highly recommended.

Try it, It's Amazing!!!

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    Formula 2

    Posted by Ebony on 16th Apr 2020

    I love this product! It’s all natural and smells amazing. This is the best product on the market for traction alopecia. Thank you Chatto!

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    Best Hair Product

    Posted by Cecilia Black on 20th Feb 2018

    This product smells good and really soften my hair and making my hair grow.Barr

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    My Miracle Growth

    Posted by Laverne Brown on 16th Feb 2017

    Some things in life worth having is either expensive or hard to get. Well this product blew me away. Its pricey and easy to get. I had been suffering with hair loss along my edges for the last few years. I accepted my fate because the women in my family all have patches along the edge of my hair line.
    On January 14th I went to a FREE class thinking I was helping a friend with her skin condition when there was something at the Skin & Hair workshop for me.
    I purchased the Soil, Rain and Serum. Let me back up a little bit I was using Rogaine for 3 weeks before this experience. But with Rogaine I would have to use it the rest of my life. I didn't want to put chemicals in my locs that long. I started my Rain, Soil and Serum regimen that evening, Jan 15. Its been a month and I can see the bald spots closing and the new growth busting through.
    This products is made with 1st love and secondly ingredients from the earth and that is why I'm sticking with it.
    I will return here at the 3 month mark (April 15) and 6 month mark (June 15) with additional comments.

    If I can leave you with anything before you turn your nose up at the price. How much did you spend on cigarettes, soda, eating out or an outfit in 2016? $45.00 for something that GIVES back is PRICE-LESS!!!!

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    Posted by Brown on 7th Feb 2017

    Hi Chatto,

    I still cannot save my review, can you please upload it to you site. I'll also leave this review on Amazon by the weekend.

    In my family the women have very thin to no edges. When I first entered age 50, I began to notice my edges were thinning but since this was something I considered hereditary I just accepted my fate. Currently my hair starts around 2.5 inches or more from my hairline. Chatto has taught me that hereditary is not necessarily genetic. In January I took a friend to the hair & skin workshops hosted by Chatto, not thinking there would be anything for my need. I was there for support. When I removed my loc soc and shared my story Chatto said she could help. I was skeptical because heredity is heredity. But I am giving this product a try. After 1 week I noticed new GROWTH, I almost cried, its been 3 weeks and I cried. My partner said to me "Oh wow its working look at you".
    I feel good using this product because its from the earth even the name on my jar is soil. I use it twice a day as instructed and I'm very pleased. The cost is a non-factor for me. I could spend $50 doing many things but THIS is the best $50 I've spent in a long time.

    L. Brown

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    Worth the Money

    Posted by Cari on 15th Dec 2014

    Yes, the product is expensive, but I find when I use it consistently, I see definite results

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    Blessing from God- Chatto Hair Products

    Posted by Paula on 20th May 2013

    During the month of January 2013, I talked with Ms. Chatto on the telephone concerning my hair loss in the crown of my head. She was very helpful and recommended that I use the Nature's Natural 6-Plus Hair Growth Creme Formula 2 along with the Moisture spray and the Mom and Daughter Cream. She informed me once I received the products to give her a call back and she would go through the instructions on how to apply the products. I received the products within literally two days. It is now May 2013. I can truly say that these products have been a blessing to me. My hair has grown back completely. I thought there was no hope, because I tried the dermatologist, but I didn't want to to continue to get shots in my head. I am so glad I purchased these great products.

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    Outstanding Product; In a class by itself

    Posted by Chicago on 7th May 2012

    Due to a scalp condition, my hair fall out along the sides, w/a quarter side bald spot on the left side. I used a tar-base shampoo which cleared up the condition, but no hair growth. After 3 years of silent suffering, I discovered Chatto's product "Plus-6 Growth Hair Creme - Formula 2". To my amazement, my hair started re-growing. Pricey, but it TRULY works