6-Plus Hair Loss Daily Recovery Kit #3

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Hair Kit includes:

A.) Mom & Daughter's Hair Softener

This all-natural hand-crafted blend of essential and botanical oils is specifically designed to soften hair, prevent split ends, shedding and thinning; appropriate for a variety of hair textures and for women and men.  This natural herbal cream treats hair follicles and repairs and strengthens the hair fibers to help stop breakage by adding daily moisture to the hair.       



B.) 6-Plus Growth Creme Formula 1

Each organic and natural ingredient in the 6-Plus Growth Creme is designed to strengthen, repair, grow and bring fullness to each strand of hair.  If used consistently, Formula 1 adds amazing volume, texture and strength to the hair; also helps prevent shedding, breakage, and thinning.     

2 oz.


C.) 6-Plus Growth Hair Repair Moisture Mist

Nourishes scalp, moisturizes the hair, stimulates the hair follicles and promotes growth of healthy hair.  Developed with Omega-3, Castor Oil, Flax Seed Oil and vitamins to fight hair loss, thinning, breakage and shedding.  Use daily; excellent moisturizer to restore fragile and damaged hair, improve resistance and elasticity and support normalization of the hair.     

6 fl oz.




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