6-Plus Hair Loss Daily Recovery Kit #4

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Hair Kit includes:

A.) Mom & Daughter's Hair Softener

This all-natural hand-crafted blend of essential and botanical oils is specifically designed to soften hair, prevent split ends and shedding and thinning.  Great for women, men and a variety of hair textures.  This natural herbal cream treats hair follicles and repairs and strengthens the hair fibers to help stop breakage by adding daily moisture to the hair.       

2 oz. 


B.) 6-Plus Growth Creme Formula 2

Hair is made up of 88% Protein or chains of amino acids found in the hair.   Chatto's 6-Plus Growth Hair Creme-Formula 2 was specially formulated to provide the essential nutrients that your hair needs. 6-Plus Growth Creme-Formula 2 addresses issues of thinning, shedding and breakage of hair and normalizes hair growth. 

2 oz.


C.) 6-Plus Growth Repair Moisture Mist

Nourishes scalp, moisturizes the hair, stimulates the hair follicles and supports the growth of healthy hair.  Developed with Omega-3, Castor Oil, Flax Seed Oil, and vitamins to fight hair loss, thinning, breakage and shedding.  Use daily; excellent moisturizer to restore fragile and damaged hair, improve resistance and elasticity and support normalization of the hair.     

6 fl oz.

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