Meet Chatto


Chatto Wright

Chatto Wright combines an innate appreciation for the healing power of nature with years of experience to create a synergy of inner and outer wellness for clients and customers throughout the world.  Her products and techniques are groundbreaking in design and application, yet simple in their origin from the earth’s vast resources.

Chatto’s knowledge of the healing properties of natural ingredients commenced over three decades ago in her native Ghana.  Her skills as a hair stylist, esthetician, and cosmetologist were cultivated and mastered throughout Africa, as well as in London, Canada, and the United States, and she consistently expands her knowledge, keeping up with trends and cutting edge techniques while staying true to her foundation and core beliefs in meeting the needs of the mind, body and spirit.  

Chatto has personally created each of her products, using organic elements such as essential oils; shea, argan, olive, jojoba, and flax seed oils; cocoa butter; aloe vera; and chamomile to nourish the skin and hair as nature intends.  Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that each combination yields extraordinary results.

Because of her unique appreciation of nature’s bounty, Chatto’s products and knowledge are internationally acclaimed and revered.  Realizing that the body must be nurtured in order for the skin and hair to thrive, Chatto incorporates this philosophy into her holistic approach to beauty.  Her products elicit unparalleled results for general maintenance of healthy skin and hair, as well as treatment of such conditions as eczema; acne; scarring; and alopecia and other causes of baldness.  She shares her insight and practices with beauty schools as well as local communities so that others may learn how to develop healthy lifestyles and how best to apply her products for optimal results.


Chatto’s Eco-Friendly Salon is a haven of wellness for all who enter.  Located in the heart of Chicago, it is a source of inner and outer radiance for clients of all ethnicities.  Experts in services including natural hair care, color, cuts, weaves, extensions, locs, twists and braids, as well as chemical services, Chatto and her stylists cater to all hair textures and styles, with a universal dedication to maintaining healthy skin and hair for the entire family.

Chatto is passionate about promoting wellness that permeates all aspects of one’s life.  She shares her expertise and wisdom with a smile.  Chatto’s enthusiasm for her work is reflected in both the peaceful ambience of her workplace and the esthetic appeal of her hair creations.  She is well versed in both trendy and classic designs, and carefully tailors her approach according to the needs and desires of each individual client.  This level of care is evidenced by the loyalty and devotion of her clients, some of whom have insisted exclusively on Chatto’s hair and skin care for decades.