Chatto's Skin Rejuvenating System (Regular)

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With natural healing properties, this skin rejuvenating system evens out dark spots and skin discoloration caused unchecked skin conditions, pregnancy, sun damage, bleaching creams, etc. The system also works to eliminate elbow and knee darkness, as well as temporary darkness caused by usage of bleaching creams. While these are harmless skin defects, they often cause physical and emotional discomfort.

This skin treatment system gradually repairs, purifies, rejuvenates, clarifies and moisturizes, normalizing skin to achieve healthy appearance.  The Enzyme Exfoliation Treatment Crème penetrates te surface to clear skin imperfections.  The Cleansing Soap with antimicrobial properties, Aloe Vera and Chamomile cleans and moisturizes the skin. Our moisturizing cream contains vitamins and extracts to gently even out skin imperfections and discolorations.


  • Great for moderate to severe skin conditions;
  • Diminishes dark spots and age spots;
  • Eliminates uneven pigmentation and skin discoloration;
Kit includes: 
2oz. Enzyme Exfoliation Scrub 
8oz. Facial Cleansing Soaps 
2oz. Advanced Skin Treatment Crème (Regular Strength) 
Amazing Skin Treatment System for all Ages

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