Chatto's Advanced Skin Renewal System

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Black Aroma Liquid Soap: Black Soap, Thyme, Shea Butter, St. Johns Wort, T.C.P, …


Black Aroma Liquid Soap: Black Soap, Thyme, Shea Butter, St. Johns Wort, T.C.P, Lemon Lavender

Enzyme Exfoliation Skin Treatment Scrub: Papaya Extract, Avocado Extract, Shea Butter, Vitamin A, Vitamin D

Advanced Facial Moisturizer: Ionized Water, Pure Shea Butter Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Sunflower Extract, Avocado Extract


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Step One :
First Apply Chatto Enzyme Exfoliation Scrub all over face, neck or any other rough areas of the skin to be treated. Wait for 2 minutes.
Gently rub exfoliation scrub back and forth with fingertips. Exfoliation helps to draw out skin impurities and leaves skin smoother and healthier.
Step Two :
After exfoliation, gently wash face and/or skin with Chatto Black Aroma Liquid Soap. This helps to reduce enlarged pores, clear acne, treat eczema and skin blemishes
Use Chatto Black Aroma Liquid Soap twice daily (AM & PM)
Step Three :
Use Toner with a facial cotton pad and wipe face to get rid of excess debris and dirt
Use Toner once or twice a week after washing face with Chatto Black Aroma Liquid Soap
Step Four :
Moisturize face/skin with Chatto Advanced Facial Moisturizer. Moisturizer revitalize skin, evens skin tone and helps diminish dark spots and dark underlines
Use Moisturizer twice daily after washing the face with Chatto Black Aroma Liquid Soap or using facial toner
Also Note:
Enzyme Exfoliation Scrub can be left on pimples or acne bumps overnight for 2-3 nights.
Enzyme Exfoliation scrub can also be used as a tightening masque. Simply leave on for 30-35 minutes and wash off (Do Not Rub) with Chatto Aroma Black Liquid Soap


  • Treats moderate to severe: Acne, Pimples, Blemishes, Whiteheads, and Blackheads
  • Diminishes Dark Spots and Age Spots
  • Eliminates Uneven Pigmentation and Discoloration

Excellent Renewal System to protect and replenish your skins beauty. A special blend formulated to revitalize sun damaged skin, premature aging, acne, dry and flaky skin, blemishes, as well as treating oily and combination skin.

Enzyme Exfoliation Treatment Crème exfoliates and penetrates to treat the epidermal layer of the skin. Shea Butter Black Liquid Soap with antimicrobial, Aloe Vera, and chamomile, cleans and moisturizes. The Toner serves as an astringent to soothe the skin. Our moisturizing cream has one of the finest ingredients to gently even out severe acne, blemishes, pimples, and pigmentation problems. 

Amazing skin treatment system for all ages

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