Shea Butter Intensive Scalp Oil for Thinning Hair

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For Thinning:
Take a small amount from dropper, apply to thinning area of hair, Twice Daily
For Hair Growth:
Apply a small amount to several areas of the scalp, distribute with your finger tips and massage gently through the scalp, Twice Daily. Produces incredible shine.


If there is a term 'Wonder Oil' that can be applied to any healing properties, then Chatto's 100% Shea Butter Intensive Scalp  Oil for Thinning Hair deserves that distinction. Based on the understanding that beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, this oil brings elasticity, fullness, and strength to your hair. Chatto's 100% Shea Butter Intensive Treatment for Thinning Hair, rich in vitamins, has easy spread ability while its light weight gives the hair an incredible shine. Let's begin to nourish your hair for a healthier growth.

Nothing comes close to the ancient healing properties of Chatto's unsurpassed products