Jojoba Oil


Oil is extracted from the jojoba trees native to the Sonora Desert of Mexico, California, and Arizona. Native American used this botanical oil for the treatment of cuts, scrapes, sunburns, and dried out skin


Jojoba oil is similar to the sebum produced by the oil glands in the scalp, so its easily absorbed

Moisturizes & nourishes the scalp deep inside the follicles to promote healthy scalp and hair growth.Oil molecules penetrate deep in scalp to prevent dry hair, dandruff, dry scalp, and psoriasis

Balances the sebum production and the pH levels in the scalp

Prevents hair shedding and breakage by strengthening the hair shaft and effectively prevents hair loss and thinning hair

Antifungal properties prevent and treat scalp dermatitis and psoriasis

Proteins, minerals, and vitamins found in jojoba oil stimulate hair growth by promoting development of new hair cells and improving circulation to the scalp