Nature's Natural Short Kuts Super Waves Pomade

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Cleanse hair, then follow up with use of Chatto 6-Plus Short Kuts Super Wave Pomade. Take needed amount and rub together with hands until melted, then apply to hair. It is advised to brush hair toward direction of the growth
Recommended Use:
Daily Use


  • Gives shine to hair without flaky build-up
  • Prevents razor bumps and razor pimples
  • Safe guards the scalp against itching and drying
  • Delivers essential nutrients into the scalp
  • Makes hair stronger from the root
  • Strengthens damaged cuticles helping to prevent thinning and balding

Apply 6-Plus Short Kuts Super Waves into hair and brush into desired style. This natural pomade adds essential nutrients to the hair, brings moisture, adds shine and leaves the hair stronger.