Nature's Natural 6-Plus Botanical Vitamin Shampoo

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Wet hair, massage 6-Plus Botanical Vitamin Shampoo into scalp, wait 2 to 3 minutes to let scalp absorb nutrients, rinse well, and if necessary shampoo twice




Product Description


  • Shampoo is made from selected natural herbs, rich organic extracts, distinct essential oils, and proteins.
  • Vitamin-rich shampoo effectively promotes growth and softens hard-to-manage hair (natural, curly, wavy).
  • Ultimate fast-growth shampoo supplies nutrients to the scalp to bring hair back to its proper  PH.
  • A daily defense that controls and keeps hair in place, creates moisture, tames uncontrollable hair and brings nourishment to the root.
  • Promotes growth, cools the scalp while preventing dry scalp, and preserves optimum moisture to straight, dry, curly, or wavy hair.
  • Supports hair retaining its original moisture and brings life back to the hair.







Chatto's Vitamin Shampoo is one of the best, 100% all-natural and Eco-friendly shampoos, that revitalizes the roots of the hair, improves hair growth and softens all hair types of hair.