Chatto Treatment Balm

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Take needed amount and gently rub to affected area
Recommended Use:
3-4 Times Daily on Affected Area


Chatto's Shea Butter Balm has the oldest healing properties associated with arthritis pain, muscular aches, soreness, swollen joints, and sinus congestion. Shea Butter Balm is traditionally used for alleviating rheumatism, muscular pain, and joint soreness. 75% of Shea Butter Balm releases fast salicylic acid crystals of which are incorporated into our ointments. 

Chatto's 100% Shea Butter Balm, with its good spread ability and quick rub-in properties makes this balm highly recommended for any anti-inflammatory activity as well as muscular pain.

Nothing comes close to the ancient healing properties of Chatto's unsurpassed products