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Frequently Asked Questions



Shopping + Order FAQ's

When will my shipment arrive?

The arrival time of your order depends upon the type of shipment option you chose. In order to find the specific date your shipment arrives please login into your account and check the tracking no. of your order. The tracking no. will further inform you when the arrival time will be.

Where is my order? | Can I track it?

All orders are shipped with tracking and delivery confirmations so they can be tracked by the customer. Your tracking no. for your order will be emailed to you as soon as it is shipped. Your account also has your tracking no. information as well. The order can be located by going to the link below.

Can I order products outside the United States?

YES! We do accept international orders from outside the United States, however there will be an extra price to ship internationally. We are not responsible for the shipping arrangements to a specific country.

How do I return items?

Please refer to our Returns | Exchanges page on our website. It will explain our policies on returns and exchanges.

Do you offer product exchanges?

Please refer to our Returns | Exchanges page on our website. It will explain our policies on returns and exchanges.

Do you offer free shipping?

We are not offering free shipping currently, however if there is some special promotion going or during certain seasons and holidays we might offer free shipping.

Is it safe to order online?

YES, our site is very safe. Our site is secured with a 256-Bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate provided by GoDaddy which assures all customers that their credit card numbers and personal information is SAFE from interception. Names, Addresses, and Credit Card Numbers are all safe when submitted to our website. The SSL Certified Logo can be verified by going to the bottom of our webpage.

Is my information kept private?

Yes all information is kept private and secured by our 256-Bit Secure Sockets Layer Certificate provided by Godaddy which guarantees that all information is safe. We do NOT give any customer information to any 3rd Parties. Names, Addresses, and Credit Card Numbers are all safe when submitted to our website.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all credit cards [VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express], Non-U.S. credit cards, Paypal Payments, Debit Card Payments, Checks, and Money Order. We accept non U.S. Credit Cards, however if there is any issues with using your non U.S. credit card please contact us by phone at (312) 640-0003.

For money orders please contact us before hand so we can expect it. Please ship all money orders to the following address:

Chatto Skin + Hair Care
102 East Oak St.
Chicago, IL 60611
United States

Do you accept phone orders?

YES we do accept phone orders, we prefer for customers to order online but if for some reason that is not an option, customers may call our company directly to place an order. To place a phone order call us directly at (312) 640-0003 and we will be at your services.

Are your products available for wholesale?

YES our products are available for wholesale. If you have any wholesale inquiries please refer to our wholesale page for further information.

Can your products be used by anybody?

Our products are natural, organic, and some are hypoallergenic, so are products can be used by everybody. Our hypoallergenic products should be used by people that are allergic to certain.

Where can I find your products?

Our products are currently available either online or at our stores located in Chicago. Please contact us by phone [1-312-640-0003] or Email Us if you are a Retail Shop or Salon that would like to carry our products.


Product FAQ's

What makes Chatto™ products unique?

What makes Chatto products unique is not only the extensive research put into creating them, or the specific natural and organic ingredients used to make them but also the personal care taken with each product manufactured.

Chatto products are at the forefront of using superior natural and organic ingredients such as Shea Butter and pure Cocoa harvested in West Africa, organic Essential Oils and Herbs from North Africa, West Africa, Europe, Asia and U.S.A, combining years of expertise in healing remedies and formulas that guarantees positive results.

What Ingredients are used?

The ingredients used in our products can be viewed by clicking on ingredients section of our website. Also the ingredients used for a specific product can be viewed by clicking on the specific products, where the ingredient list will be available to view or clicking on the following link: Product Ingredients

Ingredients NOT found in Chatto Products:

-No Parabens
-No Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
-No Formaldehyde
-No Phthalates
-No DEA’s
-No Synthetic Fragrances

Can your hair products be used on all hair types and textures?

YES! Our hair products can be used on all hair types and textures. Some of our products are created to specifically work better on certain hair types than others. To find which product is right for you, please click the link in any of the hair care sections that fits your specific hair type.

Can your skin products be used on all skin types?

YES! Our skin care products can be used on all skin types. Some of our skin products are better suited for certain skin types than others. To find which product better suits your skin type please click the link in any of the skin care sections.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, none of our products are tested on animals? We believe that all animals should be treated in an ethical way, so our company doesn’t condone testing products on animals.

Do you have hypoallergenic products?

Our Purely Organics™ line of products are hypoallergenic which means they have decreased tendency to provoke allergic reactions when used. Please glance over the ingredients of a specific product to make sure that you would not have an allergic reaction.

I have chemically processed hair, can I use the Chatto™ products?

Yes if you have chemically processed hair you can use Chatto products. There is a specific section of our website that has products that cater to people with chemically treated hair. There is also a section for people that are making the Transition from chemically treated hair to natural hair.

Is the mom and daughters only used for woman and children?

No, the name mom and daughters doesn’t mean that the product is intended specifically for woman and children. It is used by both woman and men, with all different hair types and textures.

Can Chatto products be used by children?

Yes, Chatto products can be used by children because they are made with safe natural ingredients that can be used by all skin and hair types. However choose products for children depending upon their skin or hair type.